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Below are some contributions that I want to make public.

Scientific corner

Some slides (in French) that I prepared for lectures that I performed at the ENST (École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications) and SUPELEC on Wi-Fi and multicarrier modulations:

Some documents (in French) from my grand-father (Charles Brenasin) on his patented auto-3D innovative glasses that he had demonstrated at the Palais de la découverte shortly after the second world war:

Contributed code

Some code I contributed to the open source community that is used around and that could make your life easier:

  • fig2eps a tool to convert xfig figures to eps with embedded LaTeX commands.
  • mutt_ldap_query script to query LDAP server for Mutt mail-reader.
  • securid-ppp script for ppp securid login to coporate networks via an analog modem.

Installation notes

Configuration and installation notes that might be useful especially for people working under debian:

Hosted pages on

Brenasin my mother's wiki in french dealing with "la démarche expérimentale".
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